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As many of you will know the very first transatlantic radio contact consisting of 3 short clicks were sent from Poldu in Cornwall to Signal Hill Newfoundland in Canada at 16:30 GMT on Dec 12 1901. An order was placed by the Poldu Radio Amateur Club for a Hexbeam, I was very excited to see one of my antennas being installed in the exact same location that Marconi sent that very first transmission.


The antenna was delivered this week and the club have had a busy day installing the Hexbeam on a 60 foot lattice tower in the same area that Marconi's antennas were sited over 100 years ago. The rugged Cornish coastline endures some of the strongest wind speeds in the UK so the club decided to install the Xtream WX supports to improve the sturdiness of the antenna for the winter months when the wind speed increases.


Many thanks to Poldu Amateur Radio Club for their order, I hope to visit the Marconi center this summer with my family.

73's Ant MW0JZE


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