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Hexbeam antennas by MW0JZE, 
Innovation not Imitation

Hexbeam antennas are plug and play, DX right out of the box!!

1. UK and EU original Hexbeam, we have been making the broadband Hexbeam version with Steve G3TXQ permission since 2009
2. Over 1500 Hexbeam units sold world wide
3. All Hexbeam products built on site
4. Each Hexbeam hand built to order to your requirements
5. Original designer of the round coaxial centre-post.
6. Life time warranty with original purchaser
7. Full email, telephone and Skype support if needed
8. Payment Methods: Revolut (ZERO CHARGES), Bank Transfer, Credit Card & PayPal (+ 2% To Cover Charges) payments accepted 
9. 5.0/5 score on Eham
10. Hexbeams Built by a real DX’er for DX’ers!!!!

The G3TXQ Hexbeam, quality worth waiting for.

Whilst we do not boast next day shipping and during busy times there may be a waiting list we take care to build each Hexbeam to the highest standard each and every time. Each Hexbeam is built correctly for your peace of mind and the waiting list is a testament of our reputation and build quality.


Package contents

1.   Baseplate, 6mm plate with custom machined bottom flange to fit max 2 Inch - 50mm Stub
2.   Our own design 35mm OD Aluminium Air Coax Centre-Post (No Coax)
3.   Heavy duty fibreglass spreader set with wire element fixings
4.   Six wire elements for 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6M with anti burn out protection sometimes caused by high power data and CW operation fitted as standard.

Assembly time 1 hour approx, I can do it in half an hour, so will you once you have seen it built. Each antenna is designed to be assembled quickly, this makes it ideal for field days, IOTA, portable days out or DX-Peditions!

The Hexbeam works best at heights around 35ft or more but it gives a good account of itself even at 20ft – particularly if it isn’t pointing towards any close obstructions. You will see a marked reduction in SWR when raised to a reasonable height and away from nearby obstructions such as buildings. Remember that this beam is broad-banded so the SWR will remain quite low across each band – and well within range of most built-in antenna tuners in modern transceivers.
Note: All items displayed on this site are made and sold solely by MW0JZE including SWR charts and actual product images


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