I get many emails per week asking all sorts if questions. When I get new questions I will add them to the page and in time I will have a comprehensive list of useful questions with answers.

Q. How heavy is the MW0JZE - G3TXQ SIX Band Hexbeam?

A. 12KG Since 2014. Old version with thinner spreaders was 9.5KG

Q. How big is the MW0JZE - G3TXQ SIX Band Hexbeam?

A. From the centre out it is 128 inches or 3M 25CM with a total width of 21 foot 4 inches or 6.5 Meters. Click here for a full run down of the size ETC

Q. What is the wind load of the MW0JZE - G3TXQ SIX Band Hexbeam?

A. Approx 5 feet

Q. What is the maximum wind handling of the Hexbeam?

A. 75MPH Tested, your mast must also be able to take the wind speed

Q. What is the maximum power I can use with the Hexbeam?

A. I can ONLY test to 400W in the UK although I have BETA testers that regulary use up to 2KW SSB and 1KW CW & Data modes.

Q. Is there any cutting, drilling or measuring to be done to the MW0JZE - G3TXQ SIX Band Hexbeam?

A. No the MW0JZE - G3TXQ SIX Band Hexbeam is plug and play, all the work has been done for you.

Q. How long does it take to build the MW0JZE - G3TXQ SIX Band Hexbeam?

A. Many people have built in under an hour. Please visit this page for youtube clips

Q. Do I need to use a 1:1 balan with the MW0JZE - G3TXQ SIX Band Hexbeam?

A. Yes I strongly advise a 1:1 balan of some description to eliminate CM Issues, take a look at the two versions I can supply you, click here

Q. What height does the MW0JZE - G3TXQ SIX Band Hexbeam need to be above ground to work efficiently?

A. While portable in the clear with no obstructions many people including myself have seen good performance at 22 feet or 6 meters above ground. It is important that this be above clear ground.


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