MW0JZE - G3TXQ Hexbeam Fiberglass Tubing is ideal for building your own antenns, such as Quads, Cobwebs, Delta loops, Moxens, Di-Poles, Verticals, Wire antenna supports and our world famous G3TXQ Hexbeams.

These 150CM (59") lengths of high-quality 3mm (1/8")  wall pultruded fiberglass tubing are designed to smoothly telescope together with the next adjacent size.

MW0JZE - G3TXQ Hexbeam Fiberglass Tubing comes in a soft gray color that blends into the skyline and is finished to be highly UV resistant.

The optional slit ends are ideal for clamping without drilling, which weakens the tubing, MW0JZE - G3TXQ Hexbeam can also supply the tube clamps which can be found in our shop.

Dont forget you will also need
1 x 13 - 20mm Size 20 HI-GRIP STAINLESS Hose Clips Per arm
1 x 17 - 25mm Size 25 HI-GRIP STAINLESS Hose Clips Per arm

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