(6KG) Ultra Lightweight D-HEXpedition Portable Hexbeam


The worlds lightest commercial G3TXQ Hexbeam at only 6KG specially designed with DX-peditions in mind.

Main antenna features:

  1. THIS IS NOT A KIT, ready to use as soon as it is delivered, all the hard work has been done for you.
  2. 6 BANDS with same great performance as the heavy duty version
  3. ONLY 6KG
  4. Deployment/ storage bag 100 x 20 x 20CM (some room for your coax ETC) with adjustable straps.
  5. Quick assembly time of 30 minutes is easily achieved after a few practice runs
  6. No tools needed to assemble antenna (Just a flat blade screw driver to attach the post to the hub
  7. Square tube parallel feed line with custom machined stand-off brackets ridged balanced feed system for lower SWR across all bands giving a perfect 50 Ohm match to your feed-line
  8. Robust design using 10mm OD GRP tubes and light weight HDPE base plate
  9. Intermediate cords keep the antennas symmetry and spreaders a constant 60 degrees apart during high winds (High wind stability with STORM CORDS fitted) ensuring wire element fixings remain constant and SWR exactly where you want it!
  10. Easily assembled and mounted on a telescopic push up mast by one person
  11. Low profile for sensitive areas where planning is an issue, antenna can be mounted on a lightweight telescopic mast as many local authorities do not require you to have planning for temporary structures.
  12. Can be used as a portable or permanent antenna (Storm cords should be fitted if you intend to leave up for any considerable time)


Portable Hex on 8M telescopic mast (mast at approx 6.5m due to telephone line above and no wires installed)

Wind survival

The antenna is very strong and flexibale and will move in the wind.

The Ultra Lightweight D-HEXpedition Portable Hexbeam was designed mainly for portable but can also be used for semi permanent stations. The low wind load and intermediate cords keep the antennas symmetry which ensures the spreaders remain a constant 60 degrees at all times. As an addition safety feature we recommend fitting the STORM CORDS as this protects the spreaders form being blow upwards during high winds. During very high wind the antenna may move from side to side but so long as the antenna was assembled correctly and with the storm cords fitted no damage will occur. I have had this Hexbeam on my mast at 50 feet in 20/30 MPH winds and has survived intact.

Why compromise

If you have a heavy duty Hexbeam at home why not take one with you when you are on a DX-pedition, IOTA, SOTA, Field days, Campervan/Mobile Home or just out Camping with your radio, don’t be satisfied with a simple wire dipole or mobile whip antenna. The Ultra Lightweight D-HEXpedition Portable Hexbeam is also perfect for taking on the plane as normal luggage, no single part is longer than 100cm.

Gain, FB and SWR

The The Ultra Lightweight D-HEXpedition Portable Hexbeam has the same features as the Heavy Duty version, the ONLY difference between the two antennas is the frame work. More info on Gain, FB and SWR figures can be found here.



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